Consistently Delivering Exceptional Pet Care…

Dear VMSG Doctors and Staff,

Thank you for your personal care and medical attention for Piper throughout her stay. From the moment we frantically called your number and spoke to Robyn, then experienced the thoughtful care Robyn and Dr. Lessard provided that first night, we have been grateful to have found such an outstanding emergency care facility.

We so appreciate the compassion and professionalism of all the doctors, the warmth and efficiency of the office staff, and the dedication of the special friends Piper had caring for her such as Jonathan and Meagan, to name just a few. All your personnel are obviously there because they love and truly care about animals.

We never knew VMSG existed, but have now assured our friends that they can feel confident in trusting their animal emergencies to you. Thank you for all your efforts to help Piper through her tragic ordeal.

Sincerely, Mike and Meg Winkelman

To all of my family at VMSG,

testimonial-mandyI want to thank you with all of my heart (and you all witnessed how big it is) for taking such good care of me. My mommy and daddy were very worried and with your help you made them feel confident that they were doing the best they could to help me feel better. My daddy was especially relived to hear that I could help “stand duty” and watch over mommy a little while longer while he is deployed in Afghanistan. I know I may have some “ruff” patches ahead but it eases our minds to know that you are here to help us get through. We are all so grateful and appreciative for all you do!

Lots of love & sloppy sticky kisses, Mandy

To all the doctors & staff at VMSG,

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You saved our doggy that is so dear to us and many others. We can’t express the gratitude we have for being so competent, patient and kind to us.

I am really impressed with the whole operation (no pun intended) over there! Dalley wants to especially thank Arthur & Dexter for donating their blood.

Dear Dr. Fitch & All our Doctor’s, Assistants and Friends At VMSG;

We want to thank you for the love and care you had for our DeeAna Brazil before, during and after her emergency back surgery. If it wasn’t for your knowledge, skills & the attention you gave to her we may not have her with us today. She is so special to us that we can’t imagine a day without her. Her spunk is coming back slowly (but surely) & we look forward to the day she can walk again to come by for a visit!

Sincerely, Bill, Lacey & Deeana-Brazil Adams

To: The staff and Vets at VMSG,

Thank you so much for the love and care you gave Cookie. She had the only home she knew while with you. I am so happy that she was able to experience fun and love if only for a short time. I know Cookie would wont you all to enjoy these “cookies” in her memory!

Many thanks again!
Terry Burns and Pet Project Foundation

Dear Dr. Fitch, Dr. Brooke Jensen, and entire staff,

We can hardly believe that it is one year since all of you and our veterinarian worked together to save our sweet Toby’s life. Toby is doing magnificently; he’s now 11-1/2 years old and living large in Dana Point.

His daily harbor walks keep him in shape as do all of the friends–young and old–he meets daily with his beloved Dizzy. The harbor provides moments of Zen for all of us and we truly believe that these precious moments will keep Toby and Dizzy at our sides for a long time.

We have sung your clinic’s praises to every four-legged pal owner telling them that your facility provided service, care and love that far surpassed our expectations. Jokingly, but with more than an ounce of truth, we have said that we would have a surgical procedure at VMSG before we would go to any hospital! If ever you take two-legged patients, let us know; we’ll be your first!

Thank you for yet another year with our precious Toby! All of you made the difference…
Ever so gratefully, Denise and Scott A

Dear Dr. Fitch and Dr. Hamilton & Staff,

We just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your wonderful staff for the care and final sweet moments we had with our love Ella. She was a one of a kind dog and we will miss her always. She only had 6 and half years with us, but she did her job and made each day wonderful. It is not the time we get, but what we do with that time. We know she can rest in peace because she helped fill our lives with unconditional love.

We have no regrets and did our best to give her the best quality of life, along with your guidance and support we know it was time for her to go as we loved her too much to let her suffer another moment.

Thank you again for all your help and your professional staff that made a very difficult and painful time a little easier.

We Loved our Ella.
Sincerely, Gia I. and Family

Thank you so very much for the wonderful care Gracie received from you. Dr. Fitch and Dr. Claude Lessard were just fabulous! Everyone from the front desk to the business manager to all the nurses were simply outstanding!

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you. Gracie & Linda B

Dear VMSG Doctors and Staff-

We cannot thank you enough for how you handled the passing of our Buster a week ago. We’ve been to many Vet and Emergency offices in Buster’s 13 years and we were never treated with such warmth. Even though we had never been to your office before, you made us feel like we had been lifelong clients. This is sure to be the case for our pets’ future needs.

You treated Buster with such dignity, which was really touching during such a difficult time.

We also think it’s important for you to know that the cremation service you use is top-notch. We’ve had friends & family who have had animals cremated, and the remains were never delivered so beautifully. In fact, we actually chuckled when we picked up Buster’s ashes. We always used to joke that he was born on a farm but thought he was from royalty. So, we expected to pick him up in a plastic bag with maybe a plastic box. When we were presented with his ashes in the most beautiful wooden box, in a velvet bag, we thought, “Of course, Buster. Only the best for you. Right to the end.”

Best wishes for much success – you deserve it. We feel so lucky to have been led to you!
Kim & David

Dr. Brooke Jensen & the VMSG team,

We wanted to express our gratitude and appreciation for the care and attitude that you gave to Georgia last week. We know that chances were good she would not be with us today if it weren’t for you and your wonderful facility. Thank you so much for everything all of you did! We are very grateful.

Sincerely, Chris, Sam & Georgia

Dear Dr. Brelsford, Elizabeth, Anna and Staff,

Kevin, “Duchess” and I want to thank you for the love and compassion you showed to us and to our beloved Duke. Although our decision for Duke was the hardest anyone ever has to make, the love an kindness you shared with him and our family was beyond our expectations.

Your staff and facility are of the highest quality I have ever experienced and helped so much more than you can ever know. We received Duke’s ashes and paw print and although his spirit moves on to a higher place, we have these as our memories and as Anna said “a treasure” that can never be lost.

If and when we ever need such wonderful people to help in the care of our pets, you all will be at the top of the list.

With loving respect, Cynthia, Kevin & Duchess

P.S. We have added a new member (a black and white female Cocker – 6.92lbs – we named “Joe E. Cocker – Joey) 🙂

To the Doctors & Staff of VMSG…

Maria and I were completely blown away by your thoughtfulness and caring, and then by sending us a card.

You are the most considerate hospital Staff and Doctors.

We have not ever been treated by our Vet(s) and their staff like your company. We truly appreciate you and we were grateful to find you and your concern to our Wylie.

Thank you very much, Maria and Michael N

To Dr. A. Brelsford & Staff,

Thank you all for taking great care of Taz. An emergency at 4:30 in the morning is not a way to start the day. Thanks for your care, he is doing fine. I hope you will be in San Juan forever. We need you.

Again, Thank you. J. E. Pet Parent

To the staff at VMSG in San Juan Capistrano,

testimonial-sabrinaWe had to put our dog, Pepper, to sleep on sunday January 9th. I didn’t know there was an urgent care in sjc but i found out about it from another urgent care facility. I am glad i did.

We took Pepper in, and of course we were devastated. The staff seemed so caring even though they didn’t know us. We had Pepper cremated and wanted the clay paw print. We were so happy to get Pepper’s ashes and paw print back in one week. We also received a sympathy card signed by the 3 of the staff. They didn’t just sign the card, they actually wrote very nice condolences. I was impressed by that. We are so happy to have Pepper’s ashes with us, it comforts us.

This facility has specialists and is for surgeries and serious vet care, but we are so happy we were able to take Pepper there in our time of need.

Thank you VMSG for caring for our Pepper in his last moments on earth.

Sincerely, Robert and Sabrina L

Dr. Fitch and Staff at VMSG

We want to thank you so much for your wonderful care of our dog Maggie. You took such great care of us both during her “ordeal” and we truly appreciate it.

Thank you from all of us. Cheryl, Vance & Maggie M.

To you all –

Thank you for the care and compassion you gave to Anni. She was so special to me, and I know how you treated her so specially while she was with you.

And I thank you for your words and expressions of sympathy, as well as your support.

For everything you did, I am grateful. Linda C

testimonial-hollyTo Doctors, nurses, techs and all who cared so lovingly for our Holly,

We want to thank you, you treated her, and us, as part of your family. We are very impressed with all of you and your facility.

Fondly, Vern, Lois and Holly

We will be looking forward to the opening of the new “Holly” wing in the near future!

To all the doctors and staff at VMSG, please know how grateful we both are for your professional care of Paddy in his final moments. Thank you for the constant communication and help with difficult decisions and consul that you provided.

Be assured that we will share our experiences with other pet lovers and recommend your practice.

With appreciation, Mary and Charles, Paddy’s People.

We just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to all of you at VMSG for the wonderful card you signed and sent to us.

Thank you most importantly for the love and care you showed our Hannah during her stay with you. It was tough leaving her in a strange place at night, but we knew she was in great hands.

Finally, thank you all for helping us cope with her loss. It’s so difficult to lose a family pet, but your experiences and comfort helped us through it.

Thanks again to all. -Ron & Loretta

Dear Dr. Fitch,

Thanks for everything. You are the Best vet I have ever taken any of my pets to.


To Doctor Fitch and Staff,

testimonial-judiThank you for providing the best care for our English Bulldog at VMSG. The staff were very caring and very attentive to us while our dog underwent surgery for breathing issues. I received updates all the time while he was in your care. You have a very clean and beautiful office, which provided us with an unmatched level of compassion! We came into the operation highly nervous, but thanks to you Buster our bulldog is now able to smell the flowers, and enjoy  the summer with us. We definitely recommend taking your “Furry Best Friend” here! We are very picky and VMSG is highly rated by us. Thank you Dr. Fitch and Maggie and the rest of your remarkable staff!

Anton and Judi

Dear VMSG-Orange County Friends,

Thanks for saving me from the terrible attack by the mean, despicable, crude, foul breath coyote. I thought one of you might want to star in a new picture, EAT, PET, SLEEP, where I do the eating and sleeping and you do the petting. I actually think the slight scar might work to make me even more handsome than my previously perfect countenance. Nonetheless, I will remain your faithful friend, or as faithful as a cat can be.

Jackie Chan

To the Staff at the Delightful VMSG and Dr. Fitch,

Thank you for taking such good care of me!
Josh  & his Family

A sincere Thank you to each of you who helped and cared for dear Genevieve, the golden Labrador.  You were all very thoughtful and sincere. The V family very much appreciated how you cared for and had Genevieve’s best interest in mind.

Thank You!
David & Sarah – And Uncle Joel

Dear Dr. Fitch,

Thank you from all of us Gamstetters, humans and canines too. Deco is doing better it seems on the Gabapentin and Tramadol combination.

We appreciate your care and sacrifice of your personal time to accommodate our needs – thank you!

Danette, Michael, Deco, Otto & Milo

Dear Dr. Brelsford & Staff

On behalf of my husband and I, and our precious cat Keats, we wanted to tell you how much your loving care and attention meant to us on Saturday afternoon. We are still grieving the loss of Keats, but you all were so kind, so gentle with him and so thoughtful! It really meant the world to me. Thank you for making the difficult choice and process a little easier; I am so glad Keats did not have to suffer any longer… You and your staff are angels! We will definitely recommend you to others if/when the need arises. Thank you again!

Sincerely, Jane & Bryan

Dear Dr Hamilton and all the Great Staff at VMSG,

testimonial-akashaWe want to thank you for the excellent care and attention that we have received these last few months.

Akasha is really on the mend and no matter if it was 10am in the office or a midnight panic call, the care we received has been second to none! Everyone we have had contact with at VMSG has been super.

When you are dealing with maybe losing your pets eye, Dr Hamilton has kept us informed on all the options and how best to proceed on treatments. She has been extremely professional and so kind.

All of the client service staff are outstanding. From the minute they welcome you in the door with a smile and greet you by name, the kindness and empathy shown when you are in distress , it is a special place.

We highly recommend your office to our family and friends and are very pleased our pet (Furchild really) is in such good hands.

We THANK YOU ALL very much,
Of course AKASHA TOO!!!

testimonial-rufusLast May 2010, I took Lady Rufus, a Welsh Pembroke Corgi, for her morning walk. It wasn’t long before she spotted a rabbit. She gave chase, but when she reached the end of her roll up leash, she spun around hard. She tried to put pressure on her back leg and walk but couldn’t.

Patricia and I took her to our Veterinarian. After Rufus had x-rays, we learned she had an “injury of the cranial cruciate ligament” and needed immediate attention. I had heard of a new surgeon and hospital in San Juan Capistrano, so Patricia and I decided to take Rufus there.

After we arrived at the new facility, we met Dr. Fitch and a few of his assistants, who made us feel as comfortable as possible. Patricia and I didn’t know if Lady Rufus would ever walk again or if she would have to be put down. Dr. Fitch explained this is the most common orthopedic injury in dogs. That made us feel somewhat better. However, she would require surgery for TPLO implants in both back legs. He also explained that she would require a sling, so I could hold her back legs up, while walking her during recovery. And she would require a special harness and leash that would take pressure off her back legs if she tried to chase another rabbit.

The next day after surgery when I went to pick her up, Dr. Fitch provided at no charge, a large crate and portable gate, my choice, to prevent Rufus from jumping or running to injure herself. Again, I had doubts she would ever be able to walk and run normally. Dr. Fitch assured me she would.

As time passed, Patricia and I received daily phone calls from Dr. Fitch’ staff, asking about Lady Rufus’ progress. We were impressed with their follow up and concern. We didn’t feel alone.

The bottom line is, I’m glad we made the decision to entrust our “companion” with Dr. Fitch. We even met his wife, also a specialist, who removed a large foxtail from Rufus’ eye (not planned). Lady Rufus received the best of professional service and care at VMSG hospital. We have the highest regard for everyone there, and recommend Dr. Fitch and his staff highly.

Larry & Pat & Lady Rufus, the ‘Team’

To: Brooke, Maggie, Kristin & Elizabeth

Thank you all so very much for your thoughtful card and kind messages. I loved Chloe very much and miss her terribly. She was very much my child.

I was pleased I brought her to your facility. It was very reassuring to meet you as I felt I was receiving expert help and attention, both Chloe and myself were feeling very vulnerable at that point. We again thank you all for your kindness, it was much appreciated.

Gwenda Porteous

testimonial-carolTo the Doctors and Staff,

Thank you for being there at one of the worst times of my life. Thanks to you, the end of RJ’s life was beautiful and peaceful. He had a wonderful life and I loved him dearly. I cannot express how grateful I am for your kindness and your help.

Carol D

You guys are awesome! Never have had a better time at a vet! 100%

Thanks for everything!

Dear Dr. Hamilton and VMSG staff,

testimonial_remyEye am feeling better now- thanks to you!! Eye was so impressed with your facility, the level of expertise and all of the care eye received before, during and after my surgery.

You went above and beyond protecting me from the ulcer that threatened my eye. You also showed genuine concern for my overall wellbeing. Eye was touched to know that you even investigated a couple other “suspicious” bumps on my body while eye was under anesthesia… even though it was not requested nor required of you.

When eye do something good, my parents reward me with a treat. Eye think YOU did something really good and definitely deserve a treat.

Enjoy and Thank You!!!!
Remy (and: Silvia and Roman)

To the great staff of VMSG Orange County,

Just in case you don’t know already, what you all do is a gift. On bringing Casey in to you 2 weeks ago now, (sorry I’ve let all the time go by without letting you all know) what a gift you all gave me in dealing with Casey and me with much kindness and consideration. I have been dealing with Casey’s Addison’s for 5 years now and because of your service I can finally breath… because of your efforts I know there’s definitely a place I can take him and he won’t leave there worse off. He is doing great! Within days he was back to normal, as the Dr. said. I just wanted you all to know how well you represent VMSG.

Take care, Renee