Client Resources

Here at VMSG we pride ourselves on providing our clients with as much information as possible about us, our facility and our procedures to ensure you are well informed and that your experience with us is as comfortable as possible. Below are several links containing useful information and forms for our clients’ use

  • Client Forms
    A list of helpful forms and information pages to inform you and your visit with us in the future.
  • Prescription Form
    Getting a refill for your prescription at VMSG is easy! You can use this online form to request a refill of your pet’s medication, and we will have it ready for you.
  • Surgical Information
    A list of common conditions treated at our hospital to better inform yourself and help you understand the process your pet is going through.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Access this page for a list of frequently asked questions regarding our facilities, procedures, and common pet care practices. This page is available to answer any questions you may have regarding your experience with VMSG Ventura.
  • Anatomy
    This page contains a list of common anatomical terms and their descriptions should you have any basic questions pertaining to anatomical terminology.
  • Medical Glossary
    This page contains a glossary of medical terms that are frequently used in the treatment of our patients. It is provided to help you better understand the processes your pet is going through.
  • Pet Radiographs
    Click this link to view information regarding the various diagnostic imaging procedures, how they are performed, and their uses, to learn more about the processes used to treat your pet.
  • First Aid and Emergency Pet Care
    This page contains a Guide to Handling Emergency Situations With Your Pet.