VMSG Services

VMSG is an all-in-one advanced treatment facility with fully sustainable departments offering everything from Diagnostics to Emergency and Critical Care. Our patients are treated within our facility by board-certified specialists with the latest technology and education in their respective fields.

  • Critical Care
    Our Critical Care department offers round-the-clock monitoring and treatment by board-certified veterinary specialists to ensure the best care for your pet. The state of the art monitoring equipment and twenty-four hour presence of doctors, nurses and veterinary caretaker team members allow for exceptional patient care and comfort
  • Internal Medicine
    VMSG’s offers advanced care in internal medicine including oncology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, cardiology, neurology, urology, immunology, as well as pulmonary and reproductive disorders. The internal medicine specialists have extensive training which allows them to perform advanced medicine diagnostics and procedures such as Endoscopy. In addition, chemotherapy can be performed on premises by the VMSG IM Specialists.
  • Surgery
    VMSG’s Surgicenter is a custom-designed, cutting edge facility, staffed by leaders in the field of veterinary surgery. VMSG performs surgeries ranging from elective surgery for sports medicine patients, to total hip replacement and open heart surgery. Surgeries are performed using the most advanced technology available, with a fully trained support staff available to surgical patients. The VMSG surgeons are world renown in their areas of expertise, and lecture regularly internationally. Once surgical patients are out of surgery, they are transferred to the state of the art ICU where they are monitored in a fully staffed critical care department under board-certified emergency and critical care specialists. Your pet’s comfort and health is our priority.
  • Imaging
    Diagnostic imaging is critical in diagnosing patients. The ability to use advanced equipment to ‘see’ exactly what is normal or abnormal within, as well as plan and execute effective treatment has revolutionized veterinary medicine and our ability to take care of your pet. VMSG is a clear leader in diagnostic imaging.