Veterinary Medical and Surgical Group – Orange County is committed to improving the lives of patients and people within our community and we are continuously iterating our practice in an attempt to serve our referral veterinarians and clients.  In order to improve client education, accessability and communication while limiting unexpected costs, VMSG has converted our routine orthopedic surgical charges to package pricing.

Please review the following routine surgical charges which are inclusive of surgery, anesthesia, hospitalization and follow up with radiographs (as indicated).

Surgical Charges

Surgery Cost
TPLO with arthroscopy $4,200
TPLO (Bilateral) $6,500
Extra-capsular (Lateral suture) $3,200
Medial Patella Luxation(<25lb) $3,300
Medial Patella Luxation(Bilateral)(<25lb) $4,200
Elbow Arthroscopy with 3 PRP injections $4,500
Elbow Arthroscopy(bilateral) with 3 PRP injections $5,500
Shoulder Arthroscopy with 3 PRP injections $4,800
Shoulder Arthroscopy(bilateral) with 3 PRP injections $5,800
FHO(via an Inguinal Approach) $3,100

When indicated, Nocita(local sustained block), nerve blocks and epidurals will be used in these patients to improve perioperative pain management and limit effects of systemic opioid use.

Complications and risks associated with any surgical procedure can result in additional costs. Our goal is to reduce risks pre-emptively and address individual risks and concerns on the personal, patient by patient level. This may result in increased costs. Individual results may vary based on each patient.