Diagnostic imaging is critical in diagnosing patients. The ability to use advanced equipment to ‘see’ exactly what is normal or abnormal within, as well as plan and execute effective treatment has revolutionized veterinary medicine and our ability to take care of your pet. VMSG is a clear leader in diagnostic imaging.
Our imaging capabilities include:

  • Digital Radiography (x-ray) of the highest quality, that provides diagnostic detail and information far beyond film.
  • Digital Ultrasound that lets us scan for a visual understanding of the internal condition of a patient, with movement that can not be gained any other way.
  • Computed Tomography (CT Scan) provides us with a detailed 3D picture map of your pet that can be explored by the specialist for a complete understanding of your pet’s situation.
  • Arthroscopy provides a minimally invasive method to examine, explore and repair problems within joints with a micro camera and micro tools.
  • Endoscopy & Laproscopy are used as a minimally invasive method for exploration and repair of various orifices and cavities using a micro camera and micro tools.

All of the imaging suites at VMSG are available to our doctors and staff throughout the hospital, and imagery can even be viewed securely over the internet at a moment’s notice. This rapid access to the highest quality images, combined with the ability to use sophisticated tools to work with those images, allows for your pet to get the best care, faster. Additionally, all imaging studies can be made available to the referring veterinarian and the owners of the patient securely over the internet.

Please visit Sound-Eklin to view your pet’s diagnostic imaging.