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Courtney Mantecon #1

Courtney Mantecon, DVM, is an emergency veterinarian at Veterinary Medical And Surgical Group–OC (VMSG-OC) in Orange County. 

Dr. Courtney Mantecon is a graduate from the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. Being the daughter of an Air Force Major, she grew up in Spain and Korea before returning to the United States to attend high school and college in Tennessee. After graduating from veterinary college, she worked at two small animal practices in Tennessee prior to moving to Southern California.

Dr. Mantecon has veterinary licenses in 4 states (California, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Hawaii). Dr. Mantecon enjoys working in working in emergency medicine and also works a few days a week at a small animal practice. On her days off, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Jaime, and their two children, when they are home from college.

She has two small dogs, Bootsie and Paris.

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